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Naturally fibrous Solka-Floc® and JustFiber® powdered cellulose can enhance the structure of food in many ways. In bread products, International Fiber Corporation's powdered celluloses can increase the overall fiber content, create a more consistent texture, and provide caloric density control.

Depending on the fiber length, powdered cellulose can retain about 3.5 to 10 times its weight in water. In bread products, Solka-Floc® and JustFiber® can retain moisture through absorption. This can lead to extended shelf life.

Due to its nutritional nature (insoluble fiber content of more than 99% dwb), Solka-Floc® and JustFiber® are considered to contribute zero calories. It is a white, flavorless, and odorless powder, making it especially suitable as a non-caloric bulking agent in numerous food products.

Functionality and Product Suggestions

Fiber Enrichment
Solka-Floc® and JustFiber® powdered cellulose are 99% insoluble dietary fiber. It can contribute significantly to fiber content of bread products when added at levels between 3-10%. It also helps reduce calories because it effectively replaces other higher calorie ingredients such as flour without negatively impacting texture and volume. The addition of Solka-Floc® and JustFiber® into your food formulation can mean a more healthful label.

Suggested Grades

SolkaFloc® 200 FCC
300 FCC
3 - 10%
JustFiber® BH200 FCC

Percentages based upon weight of total formulation.

Caloric Density Control

Calorie and fat reduction can be achieved by utilizing IFC's Powdered Celluloses to replace excess bulk without compromising texture and mouthfeel. The result is low-calorie breads and cakes that are more moist and retain their desired freshness.

Suggested Grades

SolkaFloc® 200 FCC
300 FCC
3 - 10%
JustFiber® BH200 FCC
300 FCC

Texture Uniformity

Bread products containing significant levels of Solka-Floc®, JustFiber®, and NutraFiber® will result in improved stability and uniformity. Your finished products will be more uniform and consistent in texture and appearance.

Suggested Grades

SolkaFloc® 200 FCC
900 FCC
3 - 10%
JustFiber® BH200 FCC

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