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Solka Floc® and JustFiber® can act as a pseudo-emulsifier in cake and muffin batter systems. This can improve the aeration process, resulting in better air cell retention. Depending on the formulation and processing conditions, these can increase the volumes in baked goods between 5-20% while improving moisture retention and extending shelf life.

As a structural component, Solka-Floc® and JustFiber® can form an extensive fibrous network within and on the surface of food products. These physical networks can provide structural integrity before, during and after processing. Therefore, dimensional shrinkage can be minimized resulting in improved product integrity.

Functionality and Product Suggestions


IFC's branded powdered cellulose products can provide a wide range of functionalities in cakes and other baked goods. Solka-Floc® and JustFiber® have advantages in the areas of caloric reduction, structure and texture enhancement, and liquid binding can improve your finished product.

Whether you decide to use Solka-Floc® or JustFiber® either independently or collectively in the form of unique blends of various fiber lengths, effective and unique results can be achieved.

  Suggested SF Grades Usage Level
Volume Enhancement 900 FCC 1-2%
Fiber Enrichment 200 FCC , 300 FCC 5-8%
Improve Moisture Retention 200 FCC , 300 FCC , 900 FCC 1-2%
Freeze/Thaw Stability 200 FCC , 300 FCC , 900 FCC 1-2%
Dimensional Stability 900 FCC 1-2%

Percentages based upon weight of total formulation.

Caloric Reduction

Calorie, carbohydrate, and fat reduction can be achieved by using Solka-Floc® or JustFiber® to replace excess bulk without compromising texture and mouthfeel. The result is low-calorie and low-carbohydrate breads and cakes that have a more moist taste and stay fresh longer.

Suggested Grades:

SolkaFloc® 200 FCC
300 FCC
3 - 10%
JustFiber® WWF200

Fiber Enrichment

IFC brand powdered cellulose and vegetable fibers are 99% total dietary fiber – making it a healthy ingredient choice. It can replace other higher caloric ingredients such as flour without compromising taste, texture and volume. As an insoluble bulking agent, foods made with IFC brand powdered cellulose and vegetable fiber can benefit from specific labeling advantages. A product enriched with fiber leads to a healthier lifestyle and a more attractive label.

Suggested Grades:

SolkaFloc® 200 FCC
300 FCC
3 - 10%
JustFiber® WWF 200

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