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Sauces and Salad Dressings

Solka-Floc® and Justfiber® brand powdered cellulose has the unique ability to absorb excess water to control syneresis while providing opacity to sauces and salad dressings. It can also enhance the texture to improve mouthfeel when used at levels between .5-1.0%.

Sauces appear thicker with improved "cling." The unique functionality of powdered cellulose particles and vegetable fibers, which are white, help disperse uniformly in soups, sauces, and nutritional beverages resulting in a smoother product with enhanced opacity.

Used as an extender, Solka-Floc® and Justfiber® have the capability of replacing other higher priced ingredients without compromising product integrity and other sensory considerations.

Functionality and Product Suggestions


Solka-Floc® and Justfiber® are manufactured in a variety of particle sizes and densities, ranging from 15 to 300 microns. Depending on the product grade you select, varying results will be achieved.

Shorter fibers, such as Solka-Floc® 300 FCC and Justfiber® BF300 Bamboo Fiber, will create a smoother mouthfeel. Longer fibers, such as Solka-Floc® 900 FCC and Justfiber® BFC40 Bamboo Fiber will add texture and pulp-like characteristics. Varying the fiber lengths of these products makes it easy to disperse providing a more consistent texture.

Suggested Grades:

SolkaFloc® 200 FCC 0.5 - 1%
JustFiber® BF 200

Viscosity Enhancers

Solka-Floc® and Justfiber® have been shown to provide synergistic viscosity when used in conjunction with other thickeners. They provide viscosity without adverse mouthfeel. By reducing gum usage levels, some cost savings can be achieved in your formulation.

Suggested Grades:

SolkaFloc® 40 FCC
900 FCC
0.5 - 1%


Opacity can often be an issue in low-calorie or low fat sauces and dressings. A reduction in fat content can negatively impact appearance and richness. The use of SolkaFloc® or JustFiber® can imitate the appearance of fat gobules when used in conjunction with other ingredients in your formulation. This function can be achieved by using either Solka-Floc® 300 FCC or Justfiber® BH600/30 FCCat low levels.

Suggested Grades:

SolkaFloc® 300 FCC 0.5 - 1%
JustFiber® BF 200

Control Syneresis

Solka-Floc® and Justfiber® have high absorption characteristics which will control excess moisture migration. Sauces and salad dressings will retain their desired consistency, cling, and mouthfeel without separation.

Suggested Grades:

SolkaFloc® 300 FCC
900 FCC
0.5 - 1%
JustFiber® BF 300

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