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Synthetic Fiber

What is Synthetic Fiber?

International Fiber Corporation manufactures short fibers (average fiber lengths ranging from 500 to 3000 microns) using nylon, polyester and acrylic fibers. All grades are available in white and colored versions. These Synthetic Fibers offer superior strength, dimensional integrity and weatherability in applications as diverse as plastic molded items, batteries and upholstery.

Nylon Flock

Nylon flock is manufactured from nylon fibers. They consist of synthetic polyamide polymers. Nylon fibers are characterized by exceptional strength, abrasion resistance, and dimensional stability. They are low moisture and are resistant to oil and many other chemicals.

Acrylic Flock

Manufactured from acrylic fibers, acrylic flock features high impact resistance and tensile strength. They provide excellent weatherability which results in resistance to mildew and UV light.

Polyester Flock

Polyester flock is manufactured from polyester fibers. Pure white in color, polyester flock is available in a variety of lengths. Characterized by excellent strength, polyester is low moisture and provides good weatherability. It is also an excellent resistor to acids and most chemicals.

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